What’s So Great About Niman Ranch Meat?

12 01 2010

All of the meat served at Playa Grill is from Niman Ranch, a healthy, top-quality meat company based just north of San Francisco. Bill Niman, a pig-farmer, didn’t want to sell out to the meat industry by giving his cows growth hormones and antibiotics. He wanted to farm the way it has always been: naturally. Niman Ranch operates quite differently from 95% of the meat market. It consists of family-owned farms that wanted to stay true to their farming values but didn’t have a way to get their product to the national industry otherwise. Niman Ranch promises that their animals are raised in an open pasture, fed an all-natural vegetarian diet and are humanely treated and slaughtered. Today, over 650 independent American farmers and ranchers work with Niman Ranch and raise hogs, beef and lamb. Niman Ranch has gone beyond the USDA’s standard for natural meat and has set its own standard.

Great Mexican food starts with great meat, so using Niman Ranch beef and pork at Playa Grill was a no-brainer. You can taste the difference when you order the tacos, burritos and pork sliders (Merry Piglets). Don’t take this blog’s word for it, go try it yourself! Couple that with an organic margarita and you’ll be eating so healthy! After I’ve eaten at Playa I don’t feel that groggy gross stuffed feeling that comes with eating food that’s not healthy for you. I feel pretty darn good! (And that’s not just the margarita talkin’ ;))




One response

29 01 2010
Rosalie Ingraham

I think this is a wonderful thing that Playa Grill is doing….serving healthy, organic meats! I can’t wait to try them.

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