Viva San Diego!

20 01 2010

San Diego is a popular vacation destination for its many attractions like Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and nearby Legoland. Tourists may get a sampling of San Diego’s culture, but only a San Diegan, whose loyalty is tried and true, knows what the real San Diego is all about. It’s about enjoying the four seasons: warm, warmer, kinda chilly and pretty chilly. It’s about staying off the freeway at 5pm, eating as many burritos as possible, jogging on the beach, or watching others jog on the beach while you eat your burrito. It’s about the Gaslamp on a Saturday night and a day-trip to Julian just to eat a slice of apple pie. This is our San Diego.

You know you’re a San Diegan when…

1. Your friends shun you for eating at Taco Bell. When there is an authentic Mexican food restaurant on practically every corner, there is no excuse. Get out of the drive thru and get yourself to a real taco shop!

2. Using “dude,” “sick,” or “gnarly” in everyday vernacular is totally chill. Surfer lingo has infiltrated the conversations of all locals, especially those who live right on the coast. In fact, a famous surfer probably lives in your town.

3. You know the difference between Kearny Mesa, Clairmont Mesa and Mira Mesa.

4. You have no idea how to drive in the rain and may try to stay off the roads when it’s pouring. Everyone else on the road has no idea either so be prepared to hear sirens all day. In fact, just stay home and observe this rare phenomenon.

5. You’ve gone snowboarding and surfing in the same day.

6. You can correctly pronounce La Jolla, Rancho Penesquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, El Cajon and El Camino Real. When it comes to directions, Spanish is second nature.

7. You may or may not have been to Comic-Con at the Convention Center…no one must know.

8. You see a house for sale for under $500,000 and consider it  “a good deal.”

9. “Go Bolts!” It doesn’t matter if they win or lose. We still bleed blue and gold for our Chargers.

10. You laugh when a tourist asks, “aren’t all the beaches pretty much the same?”




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