The Taco Tuesday Phenomenon

3 03 2010

Everyone’s favorite night is Friday right? It’s the beginning of the weekend, which hopefully means some time off work to spend with your friends and family. But really, Friday has become a little cliché. Tuesday has been the buzzword on Generation Y’s lips for a few years now. The idea that Tuesday can be spiced up as a night you actually look forward to has become the saving grace for not only college students, but also anyone who needs some inspiration to get through their week. It may be just another manic Monday, and Wednesday is still stuck in the middle, but when you wake up on a Tuesday morning you can jump out of bed excited because it’s Taco Tuesday!

I can remember in my college days the guys from a nearby campus apartment would come to our place and round up the girls to head to the nearest, coolest Mexican restaurant that was offering Taco Tuesday. Tons of students from our university were already sipping on cold beers and enjoying their $2 tacos when we got there. It was more than just cheap food, though that was a definite draw, it was an event–a social escape from academia for a few short beautiful hours. That was the phenomenon of Taco Tuesday.

As the years progressed, more people began to catch on to the Taco Tuesday hype, which made the day that much more fun. Your friends just can’t say no to a $2 taco. You want all your friends to meet up with you and enjoy incredible food deals together. Isn’t that what America is all about? Sharing deals with one another?

Now Taco Tuesday is bigger and better than ever. More hot spots are popping up all over San Diego including Playa Grill! Playa’s taco deal is second to none. The “dos, tres, cuatro” deal will get you $2 tacos, $3 selected beers, and $4 margaritas from 6pm to close. Move over Friday, tonight is Tuesday! It might just become your favorite night of the week.




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