Me Gusta Sangria

9 03 2010

Sangria is a wine punch that originated in Spain and Portugal as a summer drink but has traveled all across Europe where it has been popular for hundreds of years. The Rioja wine region of Spain is considered to be where Sangria was born. It was introduced to America at the New York World Fair in 1964. The name Sangria comes from “Sangre” meaning “blood” in Spanish because of its dark red color.

Traditional Red Wine Sangria

Among the Spanish, Sangria is served at social gatherings like a punch, in a big bowl with a wooden spoon which helps you get the fruit at the bottom.

Sangria consists of red wine like a Merlot or Bordeaux, some citrus fruit, a dash of brandy and carbonated water.

Since its introduction to the U.S., many different versions have emerged including using white wine (Sangria Blanca), other fruits like kiwis and strawberries, liquor such as Triple Sec or whiskey and sprite or ginger ale instead of soda water.

Every Sunday in March is Sangria Sunday at Playa Grill! Get a glass for $4 and $6 for a carafe all day. Come celebrate this refreshing drink with some friends, or buy it for someone at the bar and leave with a friend! It’s all good here.




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