Spring Break Fever

23 03 2010

Well it’s that time of year again. A time when students throw down their books and get crazy out at some tropical locale or hit the slopes before the snow melts. Some come back unscathed, others make memories that will be told for years to come. You’ve worked so hard at school perfecting your beer pong skills, now it’s time for a well-earned break. If you’re bummin that you can’t afford to leave San Diego for break, consider yourself lucky and have the best staycation of your life!

San Diego Spring Break Guide:

1. Um duh, the beach! Try a new beach that you’ve never been to before. Research on the web, get some tips from friends or take a drive up the coast. You just might find a hidden jewel.

2. Balboa Park. Now that you have some time, take advantage of free museum Tuesdays. Every week a new museum is picked for free admission. Bring a friend, grab a bite to eat and get lost in art for the afternoon.

3. Fiesta Island at Mission Bay. Jet ski central! Nothin better than the wind whipping through your hair at 40 mph.

4. Downtown day walk. Ever been downtown in the daytime? What a concept! Hit up some shops you’ve never been in, check out the Grant Hotel (take the tour!), and check out some restaurants that turn into clubs at night. Many times you will meet a bartender or bouncer and they will hook you up if you come back to dance that night (name-dropping is always a plus). Stingerey and On Broadway remain the two hottest clubs in SD and Whiskey Girl and Henry’s are very popular bars.

5. Solid Rock Gym. If you like to challenge your body physically and have never tried rock climbing, this is a great place to spend an afternoon. You can rent all the equipment and there are different levels of difficulty including upside-down!

6. March Madness at Playa Grill! Enjoy Sangria Sunday, Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday and Playarita Wednesday. Seriously, these deals can’t be beat.

7. The Pearl Motel. Every Wednesday night the Pearl in Point Loma has free “Dive in Movies.” Watch an awesome movie on the big screen by the pool and enjoy good food and an open bar (that part will cost you a little dough) and maybe meet some new friends. Movies start at 8pm.

Now that you have a few ideas, stop surfing the net and go surf the pacific! Get outside, bring your friends and enjoy the sunshine that makes this city famous! Amazing spring break staycation: check!




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