What You Didn’t Know About Fajitas

16 04 2010

Playa Grill has brand new sizzling fajitas made with organic, free-range meat, fresh peppers, tasty guac and warm tortillas. We know they’re delicious… but Playa Grill fajitas are more than just a savory dish. There are actually many other benefits to eating Playa Grill fajitas.

FAH-eat-UH (n.) a Mexican dish that will excite your taste buds with flavor.

ie: “I’m so glad we ordered these fajitas. It’s like a fiesta in my mouth!”

What your doctor never told you about Playa Grill Fajitas:

1. Eating one Playa Grill fajita a day will improve brain functioning, so don’t be surprised when you start giving witty comebacks and begin making multiple pop-culture and literary references at the drop of a hat.

2. If you’re having a bad day, eat a Playa Grill fajita. They increase red blood cell production, boost endorphins and therefore make you a happier person after each bite.

3. The nutrients in fajitas contribute to muscular/skeletal growth. You may find yourself looking down at your plate from a higher altitude after eating fajitas regularly.

4. Playa Grill fajitas improve circulation which gives skin a healthier, radiant glow so they make you a “hotter” person.

5. Playa Grill fajitas are known to give you great strength and tolerance, so if you’re downing more margaritas than you normally do, don’t be surprised. Just enjoy the ride.

6. After the Playa Grill margaritas and fajitas, you may be feeling especially flexible. Protein from fajita meat contributes to tendon and muscle flexibility almost instantly, so getting down on the dance floor won’t be a problem. Pull a James Brown, owwww!

7.  Because of all these benefits you will become a much more likable person, hence more friends, hence more fun, hence a fuller and more fulfilling life! Playa Grill Fajitas just might be the answer you’ve been searching for to improve all of life’s little dilemmas.

WARNING: The Surgeon General has not approved any of the above statements for mental and physical health, but invite your friends to join you and savor some Playa Grill Fajitas! They’re one of a kind.




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