What’s So Great About Mexican White Shrimp?

24 04 2010

Playa Grill has recently made the switch from using Tiger Shrimp to Mexican White Shrimp. Here’s why:

Mexican White Shrimp are more delicate in flavor than brown or pink shrimp and are consistently higher in quality. In Mexico, the warm, nutrient rich waters create a healthy environment for ocean life. The free-range wild shrimp grow to be big and strong because they are constantly swimming throughout the gulf, which builds muscle.

They are slightly sweet, extra firm in texture and taste very zesty and fresh.

The Mexican Shrimp industry has instilled strict quality standards, exact sizing and true net weights. Also, the Mexican Shrimp Council has united with the Mexican government authorities to ban the use of antibiotics and chemicals in all harvested shrimp.

Mexican White Shrimp are very low in cholestrol (on par with skinless poultry), beating out beef, lamb, cheese and eggs. A three-ounce serving has 18 grams of lean protein, zero saturated fat, zero carbs and only 80 calories.

So next time you’re at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar, try out our zesty shrimp fajitas, our “Surf & Turf” filet mignon/shrimp combo or our shrimp tacos and taste the difference!




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