Where Did Happy Hour Come From?

8 07 2010

It’s silly to call it Happy HOUR when you know after a Playa margarita, you will be happy for quite a few. Ever wonder where this term came from?

In the 1920’s “happy hour” was a slang word in the U.S. Navy for when recreational boxing and wrestling took place on board. This was a fun time for sailors to let down and have a few drinks after their long days at sea.

The term also originated during the Prohibition era  which started in 1919, when alcohol was not allowed to be served in restaurants due to the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act. The 18th Ammendment stated that U.S. citizens were not allowed manufacture, sell ortransport alcohol. The Volestead Act was named after William Volestead, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He oversaw the prohibition bill and tried to get it passed in Congress. In spite of the law, many people would host happy hours and serve cocktails in their homes or at illegal drinking establishments (speakeasies), before heading off to a restaurant for dinner. The amendment was repealed in 1933, and slowly drinks with high alcohol percentages were allowed to be served. Happy Hours were a well-established tradition by then.

Now Happy Hour is celebrated in restaurants usually between the hours of 4 and 7pm. Playa Grill has Happy Hour every day from 3-6pm. Order a drink during Happy Hour and get an appetizer free! Playa also has a special Late Night Happy Hour Thursdays-Saturdays from 9pm-close. Now that’s plenty of happiness to go around:)




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